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  • To search for a provider or practice, enter the name in the "Search..." box and click the blue search button.
  • To search for a specialty, select the specialty from the "Select category" drop-down and click the blue search button.
  • To limit the search geographically, enter a Zip Code or town in the "Enter a location" box, select desired location from the choices provided and click the blue search button. The search radius can be adjusted using the gear icon in the "Enter a location" box.
  • Searches can be performed individually or in combination.

Didn’t find the provider you were looking for in Tier 1 or Tier 2? Please visit the Jefferson at Aetna webpage or call 800-769-7517 for more options.

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You may incur higher out of pocket costs when using Tier 2 providers.
To maximize the value of your benefits, use Tier 1 providers whenever possible.

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